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The Athosian Fields is life amongst the peaceful people (when there aren't any Wraith on the way). This is a community for fans who actually LIKE Stargate. Stargate fans who want to feel free to have civilized discussions about the show and the actors without fear of insane reactions.

We encourage being silly about those Stargate actors upon whom you have a crush. Wax nostalgic about your favorite ship. Share pictures of those pretty, pretty people. Tell us about news you found or fics you've liked.

All nice and peaceful like....

Greetings to all who seek refuge from the craziness out in Gate fandom!

I hope this will be a journal that can allow us to have fun and discuss and debate things without undue violence and angst.

1. Everyone is allowed an opinion.
2. Things are to be debated, never argued.
3. Respect for everyone is mandatory.
4. We'll give you a chance to settle in, but the Moderators will remove those who can't seem to play nice after a warning. However, if you're particularly nasty, you could be out with no chances. (Our sanctuary. Our rules.)
5. Have fun and giggle like a school girl!

1. Anything that could be considered a story spoiler should go under a LJ-cut.
2. An item will maintain spoiler status until the episode runs in syndication in the US and Canada.