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TITLE: Crave The Night
SUMMARY: When John Sheppard's Clan taskforce makes a raid on a Tribe stronghold, he discovers an unexpected prisoner. More unexpected than the prisoner is who she is to him, and what they could be together.
PAIRING: John/Teyla

TITLE: Gulfs Between Him And The Seraphim
SUMMARY: The cultual differences between Earth and Pegasus are neither absolute nor all-encompassing, but they can cause problems.
CATEGORY: focus is gen, although there's impled John/Teyla, Teyla/Kanaan, Ronon/Amelia, and Rodney/Keller.

TITLE: Sense Memory
SUMMARY: His senses tell him who they are, even if he can't quite remember.
CHARACTERS: team, with Sheppard whump

TITLE: Adam's Rib
SUMMARY: She was already broken when they found her.
PAIRING: John/Teyla
RATING: R for whump
Abundant Life

Wasn't it nice to see Carson again?

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I also have to say that next week's episode looks to be mighty interesting indeed! I know it's an idea that's been done before in sci-fi. (Of course, that doesn't bother me. There's only so many ideas in any genre - the important thing is seeing how the characters in a particular show respond to those situations.) But I'm eager to see how our team gets through it.
Abundant Life


I know several of you read Joe Mallozzi's blog anyway, but I particularly enjoyed the latest entry - a question and answer session with Stunt Coordinator James "Bam Bam" Bamford. I've often thought that the stunts and fights in the SG verse are above par, and I know that's in part to the hard work and dedication of the stunt crew. But I also learned some interesting things in this blog, like the fact that both Rachel and Jason essentially had no prior fight training before working with Bam Bam on Atlantis. WOW - look at how awesome their characters can fight now!
Daniel Jackson

SGA - The Lost Tribe

So, I heard there was a spoiler of sorts in the Sci-Fi promo for this ep. Fortunately, since I heard this, I managed to avoid said promo by covering my ears and closing my eyes whenever it came on (much to the amusement of my husband). So, I'm not sure what, exactly, the promo might have given away, but I was thrilled to be spoiler free for this ep. The rest behind the cut for spoilers sake.Collapse )

I wasn't expecting there to be another new episode next week, however. So is Sci-Fi not doing a mid-season break for this show?
team SG

Random thoughts on the "fallout"

So now that word is official, of course the fallout begins. Our own rosiewook has done a nice info/summary of how it stands thus far in a Club Jade blog entry. And it sparked some thoughts, but I wanted to share them here rather than over there.

I haven't been checking Joe's blog all summer, mainly because summer is just too busy a time for me, but it was nice to jump there today and see his response to the whole thing. If there's nothing else I've appreciated about his blog, it's been the opportunity to get the viewpoint now and again from someone on the "inside". Sure, everyones opinion is going to be colored to one degree or another. But I like that his blog gives me a chance to see things from that side. It invariably leaves me feeling better about the whole thing, in one way or another.

For example, I'm glad - and proud - to find out they made a point to tell the cast and crew first. Speaks highly of their character and, I think, the whole atmosphere that exists on set.

As for the fan endeavors... I don't mean this to come across as negative, because I understand how doing something gives some a chance to process the grief. And it's certainly okay to "fight" for things you love. I guess I find myself hoping that it doesn't get out of hand. (And, typically, for the majority of SG-related fan reactions it does not - thank goodness). But I know I don't feel like getting all wrapped up in that side of things.

It also helps me to think about how wonderfully successful this Gate-verse has been overall. I mean, come on - 10 seasons of SG-1, 5 of Atlantis, 2 DVD movies so far with the promise of more. And now even possibly the new series as well. That's a lot to be proud of. That's a LOT of fandom to play around in. I find it helps take some of the sting away from those parts of this fandom that have ended if I know I'll have new "flavors" of the fandom to look forward to in the future.