de23 (de23) wrote in athosian_fields,

Brief thoughts on "Time" and "Life"

I really enjoyed "Time" -- it was more pure scifi without the soap-opera-ish drama stuff. And lots of Eli!

As for "Life" -- Who was that with Greer at the end? I couldn't tell with the hair and the dark lighting (and old tv). Was it Chloe? Surely not! Rush is still being Rush -- I liked the scene where Young challenges him to sit in the chair himself. I am pretty interested in the whole Young/Telford thing. The contrast between Mrs. Young's betrayal (by giving herself emotionally to Telford, if not physically) with Col. Young's rebuff of TJ was nice. And I wonder, does Telford see TJ in "flashbacks" of Young's?

I was not very interested in Scott's or Wray's trips home.

I enjoyed hearing more from some of the secondary characters, although they should've locked Spencer up several eps ago.
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