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SGU "Earth"

So, many parts of last night's episode made me uncomfortable. And yet I continue to be intrigued.

I think most of us guessed during the very first episode that something had been going on between Young and Johansen. Interesting confirmation of that. One person's LJ response compared the fantasy sequences in this ep (Johansen kissing Young; Chloe kissing Eli) to that moment between Jack and Sam in "Grace." Yeah, maybe. I was interested in the Johansen/Young thing, but Chloe irritates me so much that I was kinda squirming when she kissed him and was INTENSELY relieved when it turned out to be Eli's fantasy.

Anyway, Young and Johansen. I am intrigued by this.

But Mrs. Young and Telford? That's starting to border on soap opera-style storytelling. And that brings me to what REALLY made me uncomfortable in this ep -- Young using Telford's body to have sex with his wife. That was just . . . skeevy. And yet, it was interesting. I can't believe any woman would be interested in having sex with her husband when he looks like someone else -- maybe if your husband had been stuck in someone else's body for weeks and weeks. I could see that. But in a matter of hours? I can only believe that Mrs. Young and Telford already had something going on and that's why she was comfortable being that intimate with her not-quite-husband. Of course, you could also argue that Telford shows up at her door at the end because he's all "Can I have some more please?" after his brief experiences of being in bed with her, but that wouldn't be as interesting to me. I really want Young to clue in -- "hmmm . . . it's actually rather odd that my wife was so willing to have sex with me when I didn't look like myself. What could this mean?"

Like I said, all this is so soap opera-ish. So NOT Stargate. And yet I am still intrigued.

What else?

Once again, we're all wishing Chloe had a purpose. What is up with her? Why should we care about her? Why does she idolize her father when he seemed like such a jerk? Can't she do anything more interesting than bathing or crying? I'm really starting to resent every moment of screen time with her. Ugh. (ETA: Johansen has much less screen time and dialogue and yet I find her so much more watchable and interesting. I wonder why?)

Eli, on the other hand, gets more adorable each episode. Loved the scenes with his mom. Love his delight at being singled out by the cute girl. He seems real. And he definitely has a purpose and a clear character arc.

Of course, Jack O'Neill is always a welcome addition to any Stargate episode! (Hence my squee icon.) But I kinda miss skinny Jack. I'm shallow that way.

I thought the whole resolution was rather rushed. (No pun intended.) It didn't quite match the complexity of the set up. But it did help perpetuate the mystery around whether Rush is a good guy or not.

This show is so strange, so different from our usual Stargate. And it often seems kind of slow and overly grim. But I always look forward to it. And I also end up thinking about it a lot afterwards. And some of the characters are really growing on me.

What did you guys think?
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