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"Ships" in the SG Universe...

Okay, this might be a ramble, so I'll cut, but something Joe M. said a little while ago on his blog made me start thinking about 'shipping' in the SG universe. (Not that we haven't had this discussion in every fandom out there) This isn't a tirade by the way, just me feeling a need to discuss 'shippage' in a logical, rational way and see what your thoughts are because it interests me. Darn Joe M. for getting my brain going (and "Brain Storm" as well, which is spoiled in the post below)! Someday, I am going to write a paper about this...that some academic journal will take...someday.

It got me thinking, especially after seeing some of the really harsh reaction to "Brain Storm." Now, I'm the first person to admit I love a good ship. And I don't mind seeing it on a program if it's done well, which usually means subtle and not over the top in my book. I thought the end of "Brain Storm" was a little abrupt for McKeller, but it didn't really upset me. Instead, I found myself just happy Rodney was happy for a change. (I guess many fans didn't get a happy vibe from that)

I admit, I've never been a huge Keller fan, but Jewel's grown on me and I respect her in many ways for what she's done with the character. In point of fact, I like what she's done for Rodney if nothing else. So the McKeller doesn't bother me as it obviously does some others. Although, I admit, it's a bit strange to see a relationship so obviously portrayed in the SG universe. But Joe notes that it's only logical that even in sci fi, characters need development and depth, even love, not just constant adventure. I think I'd just like to see other characters develop it now as well, even though that won't happen with 2 eps left.

As for SG-1, I was always sure that after Season 8's "Threads" that Sam and Jack were together, off screen, even throughout what they did with seasons 9 and 10. I also understand that with the whole 'commanding officer' thing, they couldn't go there realistically on screen. But I've always thought that even sci fi shows need some love and I've been okay with it being Rodney developing it on SGA. I just happen to be of the 'subtle' variety of ship. I want it on the show, but not taking center stage. Give me little inside jokes, or little scenes interspersed here and there that let me know the characters are together. I'll be happy with that, especially if it's done in a way to not get the anti-shippers in a tizzy about it being 'all about the ship.' Personally, despite wanting a bit more 'acknowledgement' of the Dan/Jan ship, I think Michael and Teryl did a fantastic job of allowing us to think there was more going on offscreen. It worked for me and is a major reason I remain a die-hard D/J'er.

So I guess this all boils down to the fact that I find no problems with how they've portrayed McKeller, or letting Rodney explore the relationship aspect of things. It seems like it flows with the series and provides more insight into beloved characters. While I can understand why some (as there are in every fandom) hate the thought of 'ship' of any kind in any show, I just felt the need to expound on why I don't mind it, at least not on SGA. I love the characters, and romance or relationships are just as important to me as seeing them defeat the latest enemy or follow through on some adrenaline junky plot. You need both to develop reasonable characters that are somewhat human and identifiable. And without romance, or relationships in general, romantic or not, to me, you can't seem altogether human as a character.

Some may disagree, but I guess I just felt the need to put that out there and wondered what you all think about the idea of "shippage" in the SG universe. I've been thinking on it a lot lately.

So, feel free to tell me I'm insane or what your thoughts on SG and the issue of 'ship!'
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